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"What exactly do I need to do so I can take advantage of this opportunity?"
How it works is YOU send me a video of yourself doing no more than 5 Speedsolves, so that I can personally analyse where your strengths and weaknesses are

Once I've collected some notes and data, I'll prepare for you a custom-tailored improvement plan that will save you months, or even YEARS of wasted practice time that don't give you the improvement you could be getting
"What exactly do I put in the 'Link to your solve video' text field before I proceed to checkout?"
A YouTube video or playlist of videos showing the 2-5 solves of yours that you would like me to analyse

These can be made public or unlisted. DON'T make them private because then I won't be able to see them

You can also use Vimeo instead of YouTube

Once you have the solves uploaded, place the LINK for the video/playlist in the text field :)
"I'm confused about the 'Link to reconstructions' field... What exactly do I need to put there?"
This website, as well as this website, allow you to type up reconstructions for 3x3

The first one works best for 3x3 in terms of formatting, while the second one works for all other nxn puzzles (2x2, 4x4 etc)

Once you have all of the links together, you can either dump them into Pastebin and put the link for that in the "Link to Reconstruction" field...

...OR you can just put the links to the reconstructions in the video description of your YouTube/Vimeo video that you provide in the "Link to your solve video" text field!
"How fast should the solves be?"
The solves can be faster or slower than average, it really doesn't make a big difference at all 

Your habits and tendencies are going to still show regardless of whether or not it's your PB average of 5, or something several seconds worse than you usually get
"What if I don't own a camera?"
If you own a mobile phone, that can absolutely work so long as the pixel quality is 360p or above, which should be the case for any relatively modern phone!

The most important factor is not pixel quality, but CAMERA ANGLE & LIGHTING!

 Please either set the camera on a tripod over one shoulder, or a GoPro POV angle. Make sure the cube stays in frame at all times

I need to see the cube from your point of view at all times. Otherwise it will be harder to judge your fingertricks or gauge your look ahead habits, though not impossible

For lighting, make sure it is such that all 6 colours on the cube are easy to tell apart

If you can get the angle and lighting right, then video quality should be sufficient :)
"Reconstructing my own solutions seems hard, is there any way I can still get your coaching without having to go to all that trouble?"
IF you don't want to reconstruct your own solutions, then here's what I want you to do INSTEAD

Rather than filming 2-5 Speedsolves, I want you to simply film 2-5 WALKTHROUGH style solves, where you talk through each solution step by step, and point out what pieces you're solving for each step

If this is what you would prefer to do, simply submit the link to this video in EITHER text box when you checkout, no need to provide a Speedsolving video

IF you're going to do this, please provide scrambles for the walkthrough style solves in the description of the video or in the comment section. This will make preparing your critique and improvement plan much faster for me :)
"Will I get the same results without submitting text reconstructions and real Speedsolving footage?"
IF your example solves are an honest representation of what you would do in a Speedsolve, and you use the same fingertricks you would realistically use in a real timed solve, you will get VERY SIMILAR results!!!

However, nothing can beat seeing real timed solves as well as analysing real reconstructions of timed solves, so if you have the know-how to get all of this done properly, I would highly HIGHLY encourage you to do so!
"I noticed that with each option it says "x solves critiqued, x step improvement plan"...

 ...What exactly are the solve critiques?"
The solve critiques are where I go through your ENTIRE solution, step by step, and give you my detailed thoughts on what I think you did well, as well as what you could have done better and HOW you could have done that step better

The main purpose of the solve critiques is to give you some quick to implement material that will improve your solves BEFORE you even start with the improvement plan
"What's the difference between a solve critique and an improvement plan exactly?"
The solve critiques are what give you algorithms and solution tweaks that you can implement into your solves pretty quickly

The improvement plan is where I give you practice routines, as well as overall approaches to dealing with your specific weak points as a solver

Not great at planning your cross? I'll tell you why you're having problems and how to work towards being able to plan amazing cross solutions

Are your fingertricks giving you lockups? I'll explain what mistakes you're making and give you the tools to make your turning buttery smooth

Whatever problems you're having, the improvement plan is where the real transformation happens! 

Solve critiques are the nice cherry on top : )
"I've noticed that you include a free 30 minute Skype Consult with your premium coaching plan. How does this work?"
If you decide to opt for my premium package, then I will arrange a time for both of us to talk via Skype call so we can assess how your improvement is going

I personally prefer to do this about a month after you've received your improvement plan so that you will be able to give me insight on how the improvement plan has been affecting your times 

During the half hour call, you're welcome to ask any questions you have about anything cubing related, and we can also go through scrambles together if you're interested in hearing my insights into what you're seeing in real time

This can be a great way to gain some extra golden nuggets of wisdom and quickly pick up some new ideas to implement into your solves straight away

That being said, you can make the call whatever you want it to be 

We can do the Skype call very soon after I've sent you your plan if you don't want to wait a month, and you're also welcome to spend the whole call just picking my brain if you have a lot of questions you want me to answer for you : )
"Do you offer Skype consults outside of your flagship Coaching service?"
Since I'm quite busy with my day job and life commitments, and also value my time, I don't publicly offer 1-on-1 Skype consults

If however you're very interested in being able to pick my brain and get some insight from me in real time, email me at with what you think is a fair offer 

If you make a good offer, I'll reply and work something out with you. If you lowball me, I'll ignore the email
"Can I do any event, or is this just for 3x3?"
Although 3x3 is by far my most requested event, you're welcome to submit solves and reconstructions for any WCA event you want

I'm very experienced across all of the WCA events, with 2x2, 3x3, and One-Handed solving being some of my best events

"How will I receive my Critique+Improvement Plan?"
Your analysis will be sent to whatever email is attached to your PayPal account

If this is a parent or legal guardians account then you will have to ask them to forward the email to you 

If for whatever reason you think my analysis has gotten completely lost in your inbox, just contact me at and I will happily re-send it

You can also send me an alternate email address to the same email, and I'll send it there if you can attach a file showing your receipt/proof of purchase
"Do you accept any payment other than PayPal?"
As of now, not unless it's with some kind of cryptocurrency

Since PayPal can accept credit cards, payment should be a non-issue

If you really wanna pay with cryptocurrency instead then email me at and I'll see what I can do for you, but I would rather save this as a last resort
"What is your refund policy?"
Once you have submitted payment and send through the solve video link & text reconstructions, I cannot offer you a refund
I also don't offer refunds if you decide after receiving your plan that you aren't interested in cubing or practising 

My service isn't for people who want a quick fix solution. Do not buy my Coaching Services unless you're serious about getting the most out of Cubing :)
"Do your Coaching services really work?"
As long as you put in the work, then you can expect my service to work wonders!

It'll feel like you're making progress at the rate of a beginner cuber again, smashing PB averages in a matter of months : )

However, the onus is always on the customer to do the work. I can't promise you'll improve or by how much, because I don't know if you'll put in the work
"Due to financial reasons, I don't think I'm in the market to invest in any Coaching services, but I'm interested in your insights on Speedcubing!"
That's totally cool!

I have a Newsletter where I deliver high level Speedcubing Insights, Tips, Tricks, and much, much more to your inbox 2-3 times a week!

The Newsletter is free, and always will be : )
I won't sell your data or send you spam
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