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About Jayden McNeill
I first began solving the Rubik's Cube in May of 2011 after being inspired by seeing my high-school peers do it... Since then, I've traveled to over 70 competitions in over 10 different countries

Along the way I've set over 50 continental records for Oceania, as well as achieving more than 20 national champion titles for Australia across 13 of the 18 event categories recognized by the World Cube Association

On the World stage, I've achieved World Champion status once in 2017 and placed as high as 2nd and 3rd in two separate categories in 2015, as well as hitting 2 World Record times back in 2014 

For over a year, starting as early as 2016, I was ranked #1 on the Sum of All Rankings section of the World Cube Association website, and as of August 2019 still rank within the top 4 

I also appeared on the CCTV's "Impossible Challenge" for Speedcubing in 2017
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